The Choirboys - Fridge magnet

The Choirboys - Fridge magnet

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Keep your important notes in sight with this beautiful refrigerator magnet from the musical “The Choirboys”, the most exciting and supportive that you have never seen before!

Do not lose this opportunity!. With the purchase of this article you will allocate aid to the NGO of your choice, Become a hero!

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  • Do you like musicals and Solidarity?

  • Then you have come to the perfect place!

  • “The boys from the choir” join forces with “RobynGoods” so that everyone can enjoy a unique experience.

  • Enjoy the musical first with its great story:

  • The story of THE BOYS FROM THE CHOIR, where sensitivity and tenderness converge, is set in France in 1949, after World War II. Poverty and social conflicts became the protagonists of a few years in which many minors were orphaned, and that is where our history begins.

  • Clément Mathieu, an unemployed music teacher, receives a job offer as a security guard at “The Bottom of the Pond”, a boarding school for troubled kids. There he will meet some guys who will give him the incentive to return to his great passion: MUSIC.

  • Mathieu sets up a choir to, through music, bring out the best in each boy. Faced with the dictatorial methods of the center director, Mr. Rachin, over time the students will come to form a successful choir. The creative force of music reaches everyone's heart and opens the doors to fellowship, solidarity and love.

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  • Music and solidarity, two great emotions come together!

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  • Type: Fridge magnet, souvenir fridge magnet

  • Sticker Type: Magnetic Sticker

  • Specification: Single-piece Package

  • Size: 80x53mm

  • Usage: decoration

  • Shape: Rectangle

  • Note: - Due to the different monitors, the color may have a difference.

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