Game Pad XXL Professional eSport Star War

Game Pad XXL Professional eSport Star War

Reference: 17161

Expanded XXL size large enough for professional keyboard and gaming mouse. Ideal for gamers for long sessions, suitable for all mouse sensitivities and sensors. The rubber base offers a strong grip on the desktop, even glass, there is no need to worry about the mat slipping. Stitched edges that do not fray. Do not lose this opportunity! With the purchase of this item you will allocate aid to the NGO of your choice, Become a Hero!

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  • Description
  • Characteristics

  • The gaming pad is approximately 90 x 40cm, ultra-large size that fits perfectly on your desk / keyboard with extra room for mouse movement. Suitable for all types of mouse.

  • High-precision optical surface that provides gamers with an extremely comfortable gaming experience even during the most proven marathon gaming sessions or other first-person shooter games.

  • The rubber base provides excellent support and security.

  • Stitched edges to ensure no fraying or peeling during long-term use of the wireless mouse.

  • The gaming mouse pad is made of high-quality rubber. Good to avoid damage from water, coffee or other drinks spilled on it. It can be washed in soapy water to make it look as clean as new.

  • Included in the order: 1 x Extended Gaming Mouse Pad (Does not include keyboard, mouse or other accessories).


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  • Material: rubber

  • Size: 900 * 400 * 2mm

  • Product Name: Gaming Mouse Pad.

  • Keywords: Computer desk mat.

  • Note: - Due to the different monitors, the color may have a difference.