POP Keychain, Super Heroes DC, Aquaman

POP Keychain, Super Heroes DC, Aquaman

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The Pocket POP! Keychain, identical figures to the POP! only much smaller (about 4 cm) with a ring that turns them into a keychain. Don't think twice and buy your Pocket POP! Keychain and take your favorite characters wherever you go. Do not lose this chance! With the purchase of this item, you will allocate aid to the NGO of your choice, Become a Hero!

Factory Price: 12.89
Profit: 2.58
🏹 Direct Donation: 1.29
🏹 Coffer Donation: 0.64
🏹 RobynGoods: 0.64

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  • We welcome to our geek zone this magnificent POP figure that we are sure will bring happiness to all lovers of this universe.

  • Who wouldn't like to have their favorite character from their series, movie, or video game on their shelf? WE ALL WOULD LOVE IT!

  • What is it that makes these POP figures so loved by all? Well, they are ADORABLE! Collectible figure "POP" made of vinyl, highly resistant.

  • About 10 cm tall, they fit in every home as a decorative commemoration.

  • Modern figures that make us smile while we remember our hobbies.

  • Take a look at the rest of the figures!

  • Do not lose this chance! With the purchase of this item help will go to the NGO of your choice, Become a Hero!

  • Height: The height of POP characters is 10cm. There are some dolls that are smaller than normal, like Tyron from Game of Thornes. We can also find others that have a higher height, such as Marvel's Hulkbuster.

  • Level of detail: The heads are round and, although they start from the same pattern, they have representative elements that make them really look like the character in question, without confusion.

  • Heads do not have a mouth, being one of the key characteristics of POP. Not only the head is detailed, but also the body: this can be more or less large, with a different costume, it can carry weapons or accessories, even a secondary character or miniature object.

  • RobynGoods strives to provide the BEST shopping experience with a well thought out solution for every customer to get the risk-free purchase. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.

  • Style: Cartoon Toy.

  • Material: PVC, Vinyl.

  • Size: About 10cm.

  • Product Type: Vinyl Doll.

  • Color: Picture.

  • Usage: Gift, Toy, Collectible

  • Package Includes: 1 Piece.

  • Note: Due to the different monitors, the color may have a difference.

  • Profit Percentage (20%) RobynGoods. Of all the products included in the hat:

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  • Estimated Delivery Time: 15-30 days.