Reglas sobre cobros de pagos de transacciones para pedidos en línea de

Chapter I Overview

Article 1 - These Rules are formulated in accordance with the International Platform Rules (General Provisions), Transaction Services Agreement, and Supplemental Services Agreement, so as to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the transaction parties, and to maintain the normal operations of order payment on

Article 2 - These Rules govern the collection of online payments for cross-border transactions in the manners prescribed by, including but not limited to the collection by Stripe that acts as the Robyngoods's entrusted export.

Chapter II Definitions

Article 3 - refers to the website ( and its mobile app.

Article 4 - Online Transaction refers to the activity in which the Buyer conduct cross-border transaction through the online trading system and relevant technical services provided by

Article 5 - Transaction Order refers to the agreement on rights and interests reached by the cross-border transaction parties.

Chapter III Handling of Irregularities in Online Payment Collection

Article 6

No. Unreasonable and Improper Act of Payment Collection Solutions
1 The collected payment does not correspond to the amount of the Transaction Order. will have the payment returned from collecting payment for the Transaction Order through the platform.
2 Payment from a third party unrelated to the transaction is collected by proxy.
3 Collection of payments from a third party that acts as an invalid payment agent of the Buyer.
4 The nationality of the payer does not correspond to the export destination or the place of receipt set out in the Transaction Order, and no reasonable explanation can be given in this regard.
5 The collected payment violates UN resolutions applicable to transactions on or relevant State/regional laws and regulations (including trade sanctions of China, the US, the EU, etc.).
6 Payment for a canceled order is not returned.
7 The collected payment is not matched with the Transaction Order within 90 calendar days of collection. will have the payment returned.

Article 7 - Other irregularities include:

No. Other irregularities Solutions
1 As far as the Transaction Order is concerned, the payer applies through the paying bank for a payment revision or a refund. will automatically freeze or impose withdrawal restrictions on the payment of the threat order collected through the platform.
2 The Transaction Order is suspected of violating relevant State/regional laws and regulations, and therefore investigated by competent State/regional regulatory or law enforcement authorities.
Chapter IV Miscellaneous

Article 8 - has the right to revise these Rules from time to time according to any amendments to the laws and regulations, changes in the operation environment, and other factors, and the revised rules will come into effect upon expiration of the statutory publicity period.

Article 9 - These Rules constitute a part of the International Platform Rules. In the case of any inconsistency between these Rules and the International Platform Rules, these Rules shall prevail. For matters that are not covered herein, the International Platform Rules shall prevail.

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