Reglas de disputa de RobynGoods para órdenes de pago directo

Article 1 Purpose
In order to mediate the disputes arising from Direct Pay Order Transactions of members on the platform, these Rules are hereby formulated in accordance with relevant provisions of the Transaction Dispute Rules.

Article 2 Principle
Any order dispute arising from trading payment transactions shall be settled with the buyer through negotiations. Upon request by the buyer, will provide limited dispute settlement services within the scope specified in these Rules.

Article 3 Definitions
1. Direct Pay Order Transaction, means a transaction mode in which creates a transaction order on the transaction platform of according to the negotiations with buyer, sends a payment request to the buyer according to the amount and payment method specified in the order, and fulfills the obligation of delivery after the buyer pays for the order.
2. Direct Pay Order: means an order generated under the Direct Pay Order Transaction mode.

Article 4 Acceptance Period
If there is a dispute over an Direct Pay Order, the buyer shall file a dispute settlement application with no later than 90 days after the Direct Pay Order is closed or completed; otherwise, such application shall not be accepted. If there are special provisions in other rules of, such provisions shall prevail.

Article 5 Scope of Acceptance
While accepts the following types of Direct Pay Order transaction dispute, the buyer and the Robyngoods may otherwise settle the dispute:
1. Robyngoods fails to ship the goods or ships only a part of the goods after receiving the payment;
2. Robyngoods fails to fulfill the obligation of refund within the specified time limit after the buyer reach an agreement on refund through consultation; and
3. Other disputes that deems necessary to accept.

Article 6 Criteria for Liability Determination
1. If has not shipped any goods as required in the order when the buyer applies for a dispute settlement, supports return of the full payment to the buyer. If has shipped a portion of goods, supports return of the payment to the buyer in proportion to the goods unshipped.
2. If the buyer have reached an agreement on refund through consultation after the buyer initiates a refund application, but the Robyngoods fails to return the payment so agreed, holds that shall continue to return the payment as agreed.

Article 7 Punishment
1. Where it is determined that fails to ship the goods after receiving the payment, which shall be deemed as an act of “failure to ship goods after an order is placed” as specified in the Rules for Enforcement Action against Non-Compliance of Transactions.

Article 8 Supplementary Provisions
1. has the right to amend these Rules from time to time in the case of any amendment to the laws and regulations, any change in the operation environment and other factors, and these Rules as amended will become effective after the expiration of the publicity period.
2. These Rules are an integral part of the Transaction Dispute Rules. In case of any discrepancy between these Rules and the Transaction Dispute Rules, these Rules shall prevail. Any matters not covered in these Rules shall be subject to the Transaction Dispute Rules. If there is any discrepancy, ambiguity or conflict between the Chinese version and a non-Chinese version of these Rules, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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