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We will refund your money if the item you received is not as in its description or if we do not receive it within the established period. You will receive the refund within 15 days from when you make the claim. This guarantee does not affect your consumer rights according to the laws and regulations in force in your country.

Terms and Conditions

Your purchase is protected if:
- You buy the item on our platform
- The item you receive is damaged, defective, or is very different from the one presented on the item details page (differs from its description).
- Your order does not arrive due to factors beyond your control and not your mistake (eg wrong shipping address)
- You have filed a claim opening a dispute.
- Your account is valid.
- Your item returns to us due to customs duty (customs tax / duty is not included).

How does it work?

1.- Contact
Contact our customer service team to present your situation to reach an agreement and consider possible solutions.

2.- Open a dispute
If you don't reach a friendly settlement, you can file a claim by opening a dispute. You have a period of 15 days after completing your order (from the delivery of the order or the confirmation period of receipt of the order) to open a dispute.

3- Receive the money in 15 days
The money will be returned in a maximum of 15 days from the acceptance of your dispute.

Local guarantee

We comply with the relevant legal obligations (guarantee, return, etc.) depending on your location as a buyer. For example, in most countries of the European Union, in general, you will have a 2-year legal guarantee of conformity and the right to return the item for 14 days (please note that in case of return, the buyer must take care of the return shipping costs).

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