Intelligent Wireless Neck Massager, Neck and Shoulder Heat Massage Device, Cervical electrotherapy Pulse, Vibration, kneading

Intelligent Wireless Neck Massager, Neck and Shoulder Heat Massage Device, Cervical electrotherapy Pulse, Vibration, kneading

Reference: 14017

Intelligent neck massager combine with the advanced electronic technology, human body engineering design, aesthetic science and the neck curve, our ergonomic “U” design machine makes the massager closer to the neck in order to get a better massage to relieve your pain, lumps and muscle tension. Do not lose this chance! With the purchase of this item you will allocate aid to the NGO of your choice, Become a Hero!

Factory Price: 11.87
Profit: 2.37
🏹 Direct Donation: 1.19
🏹 Coffer Donation: 0.59
🏹 RobynGoods: 0.59

  • Description
  • Characteristics

  • According to the human body engineering design, aesthetic science, in accordance with the neck curve

  • Low frequency electric pulse, magnetic effect, ring traction three-in-one synchronization therapy to form an effective composite field

  • Using 3D smart fitting technology, according to the curve of your neck easily adjust the electrode, the use isf more comfortable

  • 2 kinds of automatic combination treatment mode, 4 kinds of manual treatment, you can choose according to different needs

  • The built-in multiple health magnet helps with endocrine regulation for human acupoint magneto therapy, improve microcirculation

  • LED lights, simple and clear. Clean with cloth or paper towels, no detergent, please Do not wash. CAUTION PLEASE - CANNOT BE USED IF YOU HAVE METAL IMPLANTS,or PACEMAKERS!!

  • This could possibly apply also to dental implants!

  • PLEASE ask your doctor! This intelligent neck massager uses low frequency electric pulse therapy, you may feel an electric shock when you use, which is normal

  • RobynGoods strives to provide the BEST shopping experience with a well thought out solution for every customer to get the risk-free purchase. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.

  • Type: Neck and body massager

  • Application: Body

  • Function: timing control

  • Name: neck massager

  • Power supply mode: USB line charging

  • Output voltage: 3VDC30mA (2 AAA batteries)

  • Pulses frequency: 0Hz - 1000Hz

  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh

  • Working hours: 15 minutes / time

  • Host Size: 7.5*14*5.5 cm

  • Profit Percentage (20%) RobynGoods. Of all the products included in the hat:

  • 🏹 We will donate 10% (50% of our profit) to the entity you choose from our catalog, or you can recommend the one you trust (In Max 15 days we will try to get them to adhere to our initiative).

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  • 🏹 The common coffer will be distributed among all associated entities at the end of the year.

  • Estimated Delivery Time: 15-30 days.

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