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De la Cruz Ramos Cano, Juan: Juande Ramos

Juan de la Cruz Ramos Cano, better known as Juande Ramos, is a former soccer player and coach born in Ciudad Real. He began his soccer career in Elche (Alicante) from 1974/1997. He won the award for best coach of the year from the Federation of Associations of Sports Journalists of Andalusia.

Corominas Telechea, Ferrán: Coro

Ferrán Corominas Telechea: he is popularly known as Coro. He has been international in lower categories of the Spanish National Team. He was champion of the European under-19, and of the Spanish team that was proclaimed runner-up in the Under-20 World Cup.

Capitán Prada, Jesús: Capi

Jesús Capitán Prada known professionally as “Capi” is an institution as a footballer. Also, he is a coach. He made his debut for the Spanish National Team in a friendly against the Netherlands. He entered the Real Betis Balompié youth academy at the end of the 1980s.

Bravo Sanfélix, Raúl: Raúl Bravo

Raúl Bravo is a former Spanish soccer player who played preferably as a left or central back. He was an absolute international 14 times with the Spanish National Team, participating in his performance at Euro 2004 in Portugal. Before him, he was called up by the Spanish U-16 team, with which he won the Algarve Tournament in Portugal during the 1997/1998 season.

Álvarez González, Oliverio: Oli

He is known in the sports field as "Oli". This is a former soccer player and Spanish soccer coach of Asturian origin. He was international with the Spanish National Team on two occasions, both times he scored a goal. He drew attention to his perseverance and performance on the field.

Marchena Lopez, Carlos

He is a former soccer player and coach born in Seville, specifically in Las Cabezas de San Juan. Due to his brilliant career, he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit, which is the highest individual distinction in sport awarded at the national level.

Gordillo Vazquez, Rafael

Better known only by Gordillo. If you talk about Spanish soccer, the name of Gordillo is a must. He is a star, he shines with his own light. He is among the best players in the history of international soccer. He is the only Spanish player (with the exception of Alfredo Di Stéfano) included in the list of the 30 best players of the 20th century by France Football.

Contreras González, Pedro: Koke

This ex-soccer player from Madrid known as "Koke" held the position of goalkeeper. Koke is another of the names in capital letters of Spanish football. He became international with the Spanish National Team, where he made his debut in 2002, in the match that ended with a tie on the scoreboard: Spain 0 – Uruguay 0.

Capdevila Mendez, Joan

That Capdevila is part of our Dream Team is a luxury. An elite athlete in Spanish football, with an important international career (Andorra, India, Portugal and Belgium). This left back made his debut for the Spanish National Team in 2002 in a game in which Spain drew against Paraguay in a game where no goal was scored 0-0.

Camacho Alfaro, Jose Antonio

He is one of the legends of Spanish football. He scored school. Great player and coach. A player of character. Camacho began his career as a coach, being the Spain coach between 1998 and 2002. The footballer spent his entire career in the white team: Real Madrid Club de Fútbol. (1974/1989)

Amavisca Gárate, José Emilio

Soccer is in Amavisca's blood, because there are passions that are passed down from generation to generation. His father also played professionally, mainly for two teams: Pontevedra and Burgos. From the career of Amavisca, nicknamed the "Puñal de Laredo", as an international, it should be noted that he was one of the members of the Olympic Team in the 1992 Olympic Games, which won gold against Poland. Two years later, he debuted with the Spanish National Team

Álvarez Pérez, Antonio: Ito

He is a benchmark of Spanish football, a legend. The midfielder known as Ito arouses passion among his followers. Where he goes, he is wanted. He knows how to make a family. The former international player has reached the top. At only twenty years old he debuted as a footballer. For more than a decade he was in the first division of the Spanish league. He played with the Spanish National Team (Spain) in a friendly against Russia and, previously, he was international champion of Europe under-21 with the Spanish National Team in this category in 1998.