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Familia Cristiana Bethel AC

We are a Mexican organization with a high humanitarian sense, which provides a long-term home, food, education, health, training, and recreation, for girls, boys and adolescents from Irapuato, without parental care due to conditions of violence, poverty, abandonment or orphanhood.

Celta Foundation

The Celta Foundation was born in 1996 as a great work focused on serving Galician society through the development and promotion of sport in all its fields. Being fully aware of the influence that RC Celta has on all its fans, the Foundation tries to improve the quality of life of the people it targets and to make the society that surrounds it a better place.

Zaballos Foundation

The Zaballos Foundation for the Defense of Constitutional Rights has the mission of promoting, participating, stimulating and intervening in all kinds of initiatives of a social nature in legal matters and in general we want to ensure the enjoyment of the rights that the constitution promises us, in order to promote and develop a fairer society.

The City of San Juan de Dios

The City of San Juan de Dios de Alcalá de Guadaíra, is an educational care center for people with intellectual disabilities, belonging to the Hospital Order of San Juan de Dios, an institution of the Catholic Church, non-profit and of character international.

Idea Libre

We have been working for and for children for 9 years promoting education as a driver of change in developing countries, currently in Kenya. Our motto is: #SiNoHacesNadaNoCambiaNada reflects the way we see the world and carry out this project. Each of us has enormous potential to change or improve things, you just have to take the first step.

Idara Campaign, "More warrior than princess"

Idara is 4 years old, since we were told about the genetic mutation that she has in SCN8A, life has changed us completely, we have changed the park for the hospital, the toys for rescue medication, the friends for the ambulance, etc...

Musicians for Health Foundation

Musicians for health is a project that is about music, people and their emotions, company, affectivity, closeness, hopes, memories... of life through melodies, of hope that comes with songs. Our Foundation, since 2015, provides moments of respite and relief through music to help patients and residents during their stay in hospitals and social health centers.

Woman's Week Foundation

Woman's Week Foundation is a forum for open thought on CURRENT WOMEN that places its priorities in the vindications common to the world of Women, Equality, Diversity and Good Governance through Principles and Values.

Real Betis Balompié Foundation

The Real Betis Foundation's aims of general interest are the promotion of sport in general and football in particular as an instrument to promote education in values, the fight against climate change, marginalization and social exclusion, as well as to promote healthy life habits between childhood and youth.

Adifun Foundation

ADIFUN Foundation is a non-profit Foundation whose purpose is to help finance rehabilitation treatments for people with functional diversity and to subsidize the amount not covered by any public or private institution to obtain orthopedic products and technical aids.

Almendralejo and Tierra de Barros Pro-Life Association

The Almendralejo and Tierra de Barros Pro-Life Association was established in 2009. It is a non-political and non-denominational association. It was born from a private, non-profit initiative, defending life from conception to natural death.

Includes Almendralejo

The mission of the Full Inclusion Movement is to contribute, from its ethical commitment, with support and opportunities, so that each person with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their family can develop their quality of life project, as well as to promote their inclusion as citizens of full right in a fair and supportive society.

Convent of Santa Clara - Almendralejo

The convent of Santa Clara de Almendralejo was founded on December 22, 1702. In its beginnings it had twelve sisters, all of them daughters of the town of Almendralejo.

Mérida Disports

Recently created entity, founded in October 2021 and is an apolitical, private and non-profit cultural institution, registered with the General Directorate of Sports.

Seville Down Syndrome Association

Down Sevilla is a private, non-profit organization that has been working for the rights and future of people with Down syndrome in Seville since 1995. With more than 350 families and more than 250 people with disabilities, our organization seeks the full inclusion in society.

Asociación NUPA

NUPA is the only association in Spain that cares for patients with intestinal insufficiency, a condition that causes the intestine to not work and that those who suffer from it must be connected to an artificial nutrition machine, intravenously. The most severe cases require a multivisceral transplant (up to 8 organs).

Hispano-Senegalese Alliance “Deggo”

The socio-cultural association Hispano-Senegalese Alliance “Deggo”, is a non-profit entity founded in 2016 in Almendralejo (Badajoz), whose main objective is international cooperation for development as a tool for collaboration and friendship between the Spanish and Senegalese populations, carrying out activities in both countries in favor of socioeconomic well-being.

Almendralejo Association of Relatives of Alzheimer's Patients "Tierra de Barros"

The Almendralejo Association of Relatives of Alzheimer's Patients "Tierra de Barros" emerged in 2000 as an initiative of some relatives of those affected by this disease, whose intention was to alleviate the lack of social and health alternatives, as well as to spread the existence of the disease in society and promote scientific research on it.

Mensajeros de la Paz Foundation

We have been working in favor of people in situations of serious vulnerability for 60 years, both in Spain and in Development Cooperation. Our goal is to work for the social integration of the most vulnerable sectors of society, implementing comprehensive care projects aimed at the promotion, restitution and full exercise of the rights of all citizens.

Juanito Maravilla Foundation

  • The Juanito Maravilla Foundation is a non-profit association created in honor of the memory of Juan Gómez. On the fateful night of April 2, 1992, after watching the match of his soul Real Madrid against Torino, Juanito tragically dies in a traffic accident, on his way back to Mérida.

NGDO Despierta Almendralejo

  • We are a group of volunteers dedicated to raising awareness in solidarity, so that the "first world" understands that only through mobilization is change possible. We encourage personal dedication over financial contributions. Our level of action ranges from the local, in Almendralejo, with a high rate of immigration, to International Cooperation in Peru, Madagascar or Kenya

KmsVerdes Environmental Sports Association

Kms Verdes Environmental Sports Association is a non-profit entity, which launches a new pioneering and innovative project that aims to unify two major disciplines linked to social development, such as Sport and the Environment. Our project consists of saving the planet doing what all runners like to do. May our effort become life

Association of United Friends to Get a Smile

In 2010, after the death of his son from cancer, a father published the book “For a smile” with the aim of raising funds for the initiative. Given the acceptance of the initiative, in 2011 the association was established, and the "Magic Week" project began, aimed at offering free holidays adapted to families with minors undergoing cancer treatment.

Association of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Extremadura

The ELA EXTREMADURA Association is a non-profit organization, founded in September 2017 by patients, family members and friends, which extends its activity throughout Extremadura. Its main mission is the fight against ALS, seeking to improve the socio-health care of those affected, promoting its visibility and scientific research.

La Palma needs us Campaign

We are living in a historic moment that we will always remember. The new volcano on La Palma erupted on 09/19/2021 at 3:12 p.m. Due to its passage towards the ocean, it has already buried many houses, farms, schools ... La Palma needs us! For this reason, RobynGoods will donate 100% of its profit to restore normalcy a little. Use the code LAPALMA and you will get a 5% discount.

We are all Afghans Campaign

RobynGoods launches the Campaign We Are All Afghans where 100% of our profit will be used in the fight against this social injustice. With the aim of obtaining economic resources that we will put in the hands of NGOs that firmly demonstrate their projects related to this fight. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Association of Almendralejo

Fibriomyalgia is a common disorder, considered rheumatic, that affects between 2 and 4% of the population, which in Spain represents more than a million people with Fibromyalgia (26,000 people from Extremadura according to estimates), having a higher prevalence in the group female (85%). Its manifestations originate between the 25 and 55 years of age mainly.

Spanish National Police Retirees Association (AJPNE)

The Spanish National Police Retirees Association (AJPNE) is the first (non-profit) association created at national level, in which the majority of its members are retired national police officers and widows, but also partners in other administrative, family and other situations, supporters or collaborators.

Asosiation ADEPAC

At ADEPAC we have been working since 1989 for the animals of Tenerife. Since 2002, we have a SACRIFICE 0 dog shelter in El Sauzal, Tenerife, designed for 125 animals and in which more than 400 live today.

Retired Spanish Civil Guard Association (RAGCE)

RAGCE is the first National Association of Retirees of the Civil Guard and with support to people in a situation of widowhood and orphanhood of the Corps. She was born to recover the figure of the Retired Civil Guard and to fight for the recovery of the rights that were acquired during the professional stage.

ONG Rescate

NGO Rescate is a Spanish non-profit association that, since 1960, works in favour of refugees, displaced people, migrants and victims of major political, natural and / or social crises, supporting them in the reconstruction of their lives, facilitating access to their fundamental rights.

Promemar Association (Marine Environmental Projects)

Promemar is a non-profit association founded in 2013 and born from the concern of some divers when observing the deterioration of the seabed by the action of man. So, it was decided that the association would have three fundamental objectives: defence, dissemination and carrying out actions that contribute to the conservation of the marine environment and its surroundings.

NGO Codisur Guatemala

"CODISUR" is a non-profit organization, with a social and voluntary nature with the purpose of humanitarian aid, health, research, economic development, human development, ecology and others.

NGO Remar España

REMAR helps unstructured families, various types of people in social exclusion, offering free and immediate admission to our reception centers, covering basic needs and developing integration and inclusion initiatives through various workshops with the aim of offering all these groups the opportunity to comprehensive development.

Madrid Association of People with Neuromuscular Diseases

It is an Association of autonomic scope, non-profit and declared of public utility. Whose priority objective is to achieve the maximum possible well-being for people affected by neuromuscular diseases, improve their quality of life and that of their families, since this type of disease is not only suffered by the patient, but by everyone around them.

Canarian Association of Laurisilva Care Psychology

The Canarian Association of Laurisilva Care Psychology, ACAPASIL, was born in 2012, establishing itself as a private, public interest and non-profit institution, with the aim of promoting the development of Psychology in its health aspects in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.

Foundation Huellas de Solidaridad

The Huellas de Solidaridad Foundation was born for us the dream of improving the lives of admired elders, in a country where respect for them, the tenderness and affection they need and above all isolating them more and more from their families and environment.

Hombre Nuevo Tierra Nueva

The NGO to help Cuba HOMBRE NUEVO, TIERRA NUEVA created in 2000 to help the most vulnerable populations: the elderly, children and the disabled. We currently have projects in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Sancti Spiritus.

Association Corazón y Vida of Canarian

The Association “Corazón y Vida” is a non-profit association founded 9th June 1999. It is made up mainly of families affected with congenital heart disease and other untreated diseases in the Canary Islands and tries to cover the needs that this problem causes, both, in the affected as in the family and the social context to which they belong.

NGO Abrigos y sonrisas

It is an Association that is dedicated to alleviating the most basic needs of those social groups that are in a situation of social exclusion, due to the lack of financial resources or support. If you have always wanted to help people who, due to various circumstances of life, do not have the basics to live or you know someone who needs our help, this is the right moment.

Signo de Vida - Tenerife

The Association “Signo de Vida - Tenerife” is a non-partisan, non-denominational and non-profit organization, founded in 2012, which aims to unite people who want to recognize and thank mothers for everything what they do for their children and their families; help mothers with babies and pregnant women in difficulty. 

Foundation Telesforo Bravo Juan Coello

Foundation that is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Telesforo Bravo and Juan Coello and carrying out activities related to their fields of knowledge, which were professors of Geology and Petrology at the University of La Laguna and great defenders of the environment of the Canary Islands.

Association Kutembea na Tanzania

Kutembea Na Tanzania, we are a non-governmental organization of people, respecting the communities where we approach and always valuing their culture, roots and traditions, we seek to support and promote improvement projects in the field of education and work to those with harsh living conditions and without access to the educational or labour system in Tanzania.

La Pobla Ayuda (Together with Senegal)

We are a very small and local NGO, we do not have monthly or annual fees; all our funds come from activities such as markets or solidarity dinners. We have no partners, we have volunteers who work side by side and many friends and residents of La Pobla who turn to help us and collaborate in our events whenever we organize them.

Proanimal Gomera

The Pro Animal Gomera association (PAG) was founded in 2003, mainly to control the population of abandoned, wild or / and sick cats and dogs in La Gomera and end their suffering.

NGO Balanced World

Four young people from different parts of Spain one day went to Indonesia to fulfil a dream: to help those most in need. Our paths crossed right on one of the more than 17,000 islands.

Since our return to Spain, we decided to join forces and work together every day to provide the most disadvantaged child population in Indonesia with an improvement in their living conditions.

Mundos Unidos

Mundos Unidos was born in 2009 by the hands of Jose Sauri Sarrión, after a trip in 2007 to Calcutta where he went to work in the houses of the Sisters of Charity of Mother Teresa; his vision of the world changed. 

Association for the Development of Waldorf Education “EL LUCERO”

The Association for development of Waldorf Pedagogy “El Lucero” was born in 2010. It is a non-profit association of families and teachers that are working to create a school for Early Childhood and Primary education, based on the Waldorf Pedagogy. It is a social project consolidated for the future.

Association Asistencial Nahia

Nahia is a non-profit entity with the headquarter in San Cristóbal de La Laguna/Tenerife, but its territorial scope of action is the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands. The journey began in March 2015 and arises from the initiative of several professionals to launch a project of socio-labour insertion for young people in social exclusion or at risk of suffering it.

Association G.U.P.

ASSOCIATION GUP, attached to the Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption of Benimaclet (Valencia), is a non-profit association made up of a group of people with many concerns and a desire to improve the situation of the most disadvantaged people. For more than 20 years we have been dedicated to supporting the "San José" soup kitchen located in our neighbourhood.

Internacional School Football Belenense

We are an Association that was born with the clear objective of promoting sport and physical activity, sports projects for an area with a low level of development in southern Extremadura, based in PUEBLA DE SANCHO PÉREZ.

Through sports, we promote the personal relationships of our youth, educating them in values and developing healthy lifestyle habits.

Association of Woman with Breast Cancer of Tenerife

AMATE was born in March 2006 by a group of women affected by breast cancer, who found themselves in the same fighting circumstance. When they found different deficiencies for people affected by Breast Cancer, they decided to form the Association and find solutions to what they personally knew they really needed.

Association Nuevo Futuro Tenerife

The Association "Nuevo Futuro Tenerife" is a non-profit entity and declared of public utility. We have been working in Tenerife since 1994, working on comprehensive care for children, young people and families in situations of vulnerability and at risk of social exclusion.

Urleku, Fountaion of Life

Urleku Source of Life means Place of water in Basque. (ur = water leku = place) We started 7 years ago with the aim of making water wells where they need it most.

NGO Sonrisas Canarias

For 19 years already this entity is dedicated to help families in precarious or abandoned situations. Mainly with food and hygienic articles. In 2019, 2010 families were helped, which are equivalent to just over 7,000 people benefited.

The non-governmental organization “NGO Sonrisas Canarias” was born in 2001